The Abilene Swim Club is now under new management!  We are excited to welcome Jonathan Gressett as the new pool manager, Brian Poynor as our new treasurer, and Katie Scott as our new president.  A HUGE thank you to our board members and the Dyess We Care team who have all worked together tirelessly to perform the following updates for the club:

  • New putt-putt greens
  • A fresh coat of commercial Kelly Moore paint on the exterior of all buildings
  • Commercial grade rust preventative on both diving boards as well as all the guard stands
  • Outdoor carpet in the gaga-ball pit
  • An updated pump house with new studs, insulation, metal siding, and coming soon, a new roof
  • Repaired and painted picnic tables with new stainless steel hardware
  • Trimmed trees and shrubbery
  • A fresh coat of red paint in the “no parking” lane in front of the club
  • Cleaned and organized the front office area and cleaned and organized the pump house
  • A working website with online dues pay
  • Coming soon: Credit/Debit card payment for entrance of guests and payment at the concession stand

If you would like to thank the Dyess We Care Team please visit their Facebook page and make a donation here.  Businesses may also make a tax-deductible donation to the team by contacting Gordon Story at

We are now offering Swim Lessons!

Abilene Swim Club (2)

The Abilene Swim Club is a member-owned, family-friendly swimming establishment located in Abilene Texas.  Membership grants access to any immediate family member who resides in the same home.  Amenities include:

  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Life Guards ALWAYS On Duty
  • High Dive
  • Low Dive
  • Large Slide
  • Kiddie Slide
  • Free Wifi
  • Putt-Putt Course
  • Sand Volleyball Pit
  • Gaga Ball Pit
  • Small Swings
  • Fully Stocked Snack Bar
  • Picnic tables
  • BBQ’s
  • Covered Eating Area
  • Bathroom and Changing area

The Abilene Swim Club is also available for parties.

Parties may take place during normal operating hours.  Members may also choose to host a PRIVATE party before (only during part-time hours) or after operating hours.
Birthday parties and other large group parties:
  •     0-9 people—$3 per non-member swimmer*
  • 10-25 people—$25 flat fee plus $3 per non-member swimmer*
  • 26-50 people—$50 flat fee plus $3 per non-member swimmer*
  • 51-75 people—$75 flat fee plus $3 per non-member swimmer*
  • Private Party —$50 flat fee plus $3 per person present at the facility**
  • Non-member Private Party–$250 flat fee plus $3 per person present at the facility** (non-members may host parties during non-business hours only and will be charged a $250 party fee in order to utilize the facility and obtain temporary membership for a 3hr block of time)

*Swimmer is defined as anyone who enters the water for any length of time*
**During private parties, each individual entering the facility will be charged $3 regardless of whether or not that person plans to swim**

Please also note that parties may be no longer than 3hrs.
To book a party which will occur during regular pool hours please call 1-325-704-4370 during normal operating hours. To book an after-hours party please contact *Jonathan Gressett at
*Please allow 24 hours for Jonathan to get in contact with you about booking your party.*
 *Parties must be booked at least a week in advance*

Happy Swimming!


The Abilene Swim Club PoolAbilene Swim Club Low Dive

Putt-Putt CourseHigh Dive and Low Dive